What solution does it offer?

In the B2B tourist distribution there are a large number of XML connections, with multiple suppliers distributing the same product.

Inevitably, searches for accommodation often yield results that lead to confusion, with excessive options and the same rooms repeated with different names and prices.

Room Mapping facilitates to your clients the different combinations of room type, conditions and board types available per hotel without duplicates (prioritizing the results by price). In this way, you increase the conversion ratio.

Room Mapping

How does it work?

Room Mapping analyzes, and maps large volumes of data sent by suppliers, ignoring superfluous information such as repetitions and erroneous descriptions:
Room Mapping


  • Data collection: the system collects in a database the product information sent by the suppliers, storing the names of the rooms.

  • Batch process: the system reads and analyzes the names of the rooms (which have different names according to each provider) and their details. After a recognition process, create the unique codes called JR (Juniper Room). These codes identify when several rooms of an accommodation offered by different suppliers are in fact the same, from their coincidence in the following parameters:

    • Room type
    • Board Type
    • Cancellation policy
    • Extras and conditions

    Room Mapping groups the rooms with identical parameters. Therefore, if the room is the same but any other element of the combination varies, grouping will not be performed.

  • Results: room Mapping selects the best price combination of each type of room and orders them by price from cheapest to most expensive, returning the cheapest combination of each group to avoid duplicities. You can choose the results you want to see:

    • Only mapped rooms
    • Also, those not mapped 1 (option to add them to the results):
      • All combinations
      • Limit combinations to a maximum number
      • Only the cheapest of each board type

    Note1: sometimes, a small percentage of rooms may not be mapped because their denomination makes the process difficult. This option allows a revision of the slopes, if any.

What advantages does it bring to your business?

  • Present your inventory in a much more efficient way, without duplicities.
  • It allows your clients to choose between clear and orderly options, elevating their user experience (UX) to the highest levels.
  • Improve the quality of your product, offering correct descriptions and avoiding repetitions or excessive options in the results.
  • Increase your conversion ratio by facilitating decision making to your customers.
  • Increase your competitiveness and sell more by offering more options in an optimized way.
  • Add more functionalities in the future: filters, mapping from integrators…
Room Mapping